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Overwhelming stress caused by chronic exposure to poverty, violence and illness robs children of their playfulness, cripples their development and is considered by experts to be the single greatest health crisis facing children in America.

The Life is good Playmakers partner with frontline heroes who have dedicated their lives to these children. Our ongoing training, resources and support help them use the power of play to build joyful, loving, life-changing relationships with the children in their care.

The impact of healthy, guided play on young children exposed to trauma is real and measurable. Children assessed in our program became significantly less depressive, anxious, angry and isolated and significantly more joyful, pro-social and independent.

Please help support the heroes who work every day to restore the gift of childhood.
To learn more about The Life is good Kids Foundation and the work of the Playmakers, please visit www.ligplaymakers.org.

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*Life is good Kids Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

From an infant's first smile to a preschooler's careful construction of a tower, children use play to engage with and learn about their world. Play has key neurological, cognitive, socio-emotional, and physiological benefits for children's health. Play is the way in which children form loving, trusting relationships. Empowering, joyful play with sensitive, caring adults can help restore what trauma's violently strips from a child.

Your donation goes to providing continuing education, resources, and support to front-line childcare providers who dedicate their lives to help children overcome poverty, violence and illness.

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